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Welcome to the Yahoo Pool Aimer!

       the Yahoo Pool auto aiming helper tool!

YPool Aimer draws the possible billiards trajectories on the Yahoo Games, Yahoo Pool Table. It also estimates the most probable outcome of a shot on a separate simulation table taking into consideration all the interactions between the existing balls on the Yahoo Game board. It has configurable options for showing virtual balls, changing their color and radius, considering only the bank collisions, number of aiming banks, adjustable hit power.

Pool Aimer helps you achieve incredible shots with Yahoo Pool. Winning now is as easy as making the simple choice of allowing a little help from Pool Aimer. YPool Aimer brings now an incredible degree of accuracy you've never experienced before.

Yahoo Pool Aimer is the best application available to date. It draws faster, detects the balls better and has an impressive accuracy in every simulation.

Main Features:

  • Any player using the software cannot be distinguished from a Yahoo Pool Master.
  • Supports up to as many as 10 ball collisions/bank only shots to be drawn.
  • Supports drawing of virtual balls showing the most important collisions.
  • Supports selecting any colors for the lines and the virtual balls.
  • Shows if balls will go in the pocket.
  • Has a good pocket border reflection implemented.
  • Includes an always on top menu option.
  • Control with mouse or keyboard.
  • Simulation visible in the prediction zone.
  • Simultaneously play any number of games.
  • Variable virtual ball radius.
  • Easily adjustable hit power setting.
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